Allan Pyke

Treasurer & Director

Allan Pyke holds B.A., B.Comm., M.B.A., B.Ed.  from the University of Windsor.

Allan was a Plant Controller for the Chrysler Corporation with various financial, operating and strategic responsibilities such as: all finances, industrial engineering, tool stores, asset management and audit. His career was spent at various plants (Etobicoke Casting, Belvidere Assembly, Mack II Engine, Trenton Engine and the Windsor/Pillette Assembly Plant).

Allan also spent years as a corporate financial analyst in Financial Control and Treasury with Chrysler.

For the past few years, Allan was a Junior/Intermediate teacher with the Greater Essex County District School Board, mainly at King Edward Public School.

“WECYAC strives to be an organization focused on youth and their issues. My career as a teacher in compensatory education schools dovetails nicely with the vision of WECYAC. I have also been a foster parent for the past 5 years and my involvement with the Children’s Aid Society has underlined the responsibility we have for all of our children.” – Allan Pyke

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