The Investigation


We recognize the need for an effective and efficient intake process to ensure a timely response to all child/youth abuse allegations received. Intake procedures will be based on the guiding principles of thoroughness, timeliness, communication, and responsiveness to the unique needs of each child/youth, and family.



The forensic interview is a vital component of the investigation and prosecution processes. An effective forensic interview is child/youth-focused and conducted in a developmentally, culturally, and legally appropriate manner. The forensic interview allows the child/youth to provide a narrative of the incident in a neutral, comfortable, and safe environment. The purpose of the forensic interview is to obtain the child/youth’s statement, gather facts to aid in the investigation and prosecution, minimize trauma to the child/youth by coordinating interviews with the multidisciplinary team, and assess support services needed.


Medical Exam

The purpose of the medical examination is to reassure children/youth and/or caregivers of the child/youth’s well-being, identify and document necessary medical findings, screen for injuries, and/or collect forensic evidence to aid in the investigation.


Counselling Support Services

With guidance from the Multidisciplinary Team Members, the Advocate will provide referrals to and work collaboratively with other therapeutic service providers to provide mental health assessments, counselling, and emotional support services to children/youth, and families.

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