Our Purpose

The Windsor Essex Child/Youth Advocacy Centre (WECYAC) provides a child-centred, safe location for children/youth to disclose their abuse to a specially trained team of professionals. Prior to WECYAC, children/youth subjected to abuse were interviewed in several locations around the community, by multiple different professionals. WECYAC minimizes the number of times children/youth must tell their story, reducing the trauma of disclosure. We believe that kids should only have to tell their story once!

WECYAC is a partnership among key organizations, community leaders and champions, and government. We share a passion for supporting children/youth and families who have been affected by abuse.

WECYAC is also committed to raising public awareness regarding the existence of child/youth abuse in our community.

At WECYAC, we feel that a strong equity, diversity, and inclusive environment is important for all those individuals that utilize our services. This requires a strong commitment and concerted action to building an inclusive culture where our services are open to all. Where diversity is valued and where everybody can be themselves without fear of harassment, prejudice or discrimination.

Our Vision

A safe, responsive environment providing advocacy and healing for children/youth victims of abuse.

Our Mission

A community-based response focused on supporting victims of child/youth abuse through investigative and collaborative excellence.

Our Values

Caring: We care about people. We are committed to act with compassion, integrity, and honesty in all situations and we listen with respect and empathy.

Collaboration: We work closely with our community partners to develop, deliver, and coordinate services. We are dedicated to mutual sharing of expertise and knowledge with other agencies, professionals, and the broader community.

Commitment: We are passionate about our work and focused on the best interests of the children and youth whom we serve. We recognize the uniqueness of each child/youth and strive to adapt our services to be responsive and flexible to each situation.

Excellence: We are determined to achieve ambitious, measurable outcomes in working toward our mission. We strive for accuracy and credibility in the relentless pursuit of results. We maintain best practices in all aspects of operations.

Integrity: By putting children/youth’s needs first, we work at building effective relationships with children/youth, and their families. By our words and actions, we demonstrate respect for the children/youth, and families we serve.

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